@ PageTurners

Hey I dropped in there yest... Just the day after it opened :-D! Now Now dont get too smart n ask unnecessary q's on what I was doing there in mid of week...

Lemme now get onto a quick review of PageTurners.... N if u wondering what its hop on here . So how did I like the place? Yea Yea  granted the place has all penguin publications in one roof.... a nice effort n liked their arrangement too.... But but how abt making it a bit more cosy? The days of buying the books just by reading the back cover is kinda  over..... so possibly dropping in a seat or two here n there so that people can do a quick read n decide to buy it or not? A small addition but I guess something that gives a book store a feel of a 'Hang-out'.... Agreee?? 

But the hottest thing abt it should be the location... Bang on MG Road just a few hops away from Baton center..... A yum yum street for all book lovers... so widely interspersed are the book stores... the Higginbotthoms, Gangarams, DC books n the second hand book  stores... Bookworm n many others n then not to forget the Pirated book sellers! Which translates to a bag stuffed with books n a hole in pocket... But am a happy soul now... picked up the latest of Jeffrey Archer, sidney sheldon, Japanese Wife and a book on kerala(this come with sabs recco... should be good!).... so look out for some reviews in this space soooonnn!

Ha after the soul-pooja time for some peth pooja?? Hopped onto KC das just a few feet away...... N ate up the yum aloo-Poori, Mishti-Dhoi n then just another few feet away is the Bowrings Kulfi... I just love their Pista flavour! N almost 3 years after being in B'lore did I find their oulet... sad v sad for a foodie like me :(. But no worries... will make up for lost time in no time at all... LOL!


  1. Wowww! What a treat to the senses! Books, KC Das. Sigh! Why do u make me miss Blr sooo much :( :(

  2. Just like u make me miss hyd babe ::(