Happy Onam!

So how did Onam treat u?

Well my Onam was office work n loads of it... But well atleast was at home thru the day! SO well no complaints..... But the biggest highlight?? Na na not tht Pookalam... I know it looks amateurish to say the least!! Tht piece of cake is taken by culinary skills... Yea Yea I atlast managed to dish out sambar tht tasted like one :) Now b4 u shoo me off as a hopeless case(I agree I am) c'mon this isnt bad... afterall in 3 years I hv made sambar just thrice (One 4 each onam u c:-D)


  1. Ha ha ha u r awesome girl :)
    I should be asking ppl who ate hw the sambar tasted :P
    Nywy, y dint u invite me for lunch :(

    The Pookalam looks niceeee :)


  2. Come baby come... come to blore N i will be more than happy to hv u home :)