Life Moves On......

Ha its sad when people pass away (ask me, I hv lost one of the most precious peoples in ma life... I know the insecurity n fears n loss tht it brings long... something tht I know I cant shrug off 4 life!) but sadder when its a young life thts blown off!!

Yest after a exhilarating day at office(ethnic wear, face painting, ramp walking... the usual corp-style fun!) n a family -dinner I came home dead tired but happy! Just b4 I hit the sack, I was doing the usual browsing when I see a update on a young girl's death! As I read on realized that she n her mom are both bloggers..... Yea I hv read her mom's blog on n off thou was never an active follower of it...... N yeap I read of her daughter being unwell in diff blogs but dismissed thinking it as the usual moms getting worked up on a small-baby-falling-sick routine (dont get me wrong here... I know its a mothers love.... I just meant I assumed it to be nothing serious)!

N it was just yest that it hit me that the baby in ma mind was in reality a young lady of 18 or 19! N as I read her blog for the first time it was heart wrenching to say the least.... A life budding with dreams, hopes is been blown offf!!!! N the pic of the young lady ... the one which is ready to embrace a life... is something which'll remain etched in ma memmory for sometime! My heart goes out all the more to her mother who took the heart-breaking step to update her  blog with news of her death..... Hug to you! Life just doesnt seem fair at all!

May the young girl rest-in-peace and her mom find the courage to move on!!!

Edited to write: I couldnt help thinking of how in a skewed way so many of our lives run parlelly... I statred ma blog just days after my dearest dadu darlu passed away.....


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  3. It is so sad to know this.
    Now I am curious to know, how that girl passed such an young age....????