A Long Way to Go!

My FB Status msg yest said "Ooph!! Big Day Tommo!! Not looking fwd to it at all :("!

Indeed today was a long day... @ Work n personal front!! Ha now the day is come to a close... N well with many other things it dint turn out to be as bad as I imagined it to be but doesnt mean it was a cake walk either! N funnily enuf the status of both the things (@work n @ personal front) reads "Work In Progress.... A looooooooooong way to go"!!! Plz plz wish me luck!!

But ofcourse for each day there is a silver lining...... isnt it there? In form of friends who go out of their way to pick up things 4 u..... Imagine somebody walking up n down the market road just to pick up a particular shade of salwar that u hv in mind... Thnx Sabs!!!

N then there are people who u in ur moment of madness (n self-pity) decide to 'dovorce' them from ur life but well well they still manage to creep in(Well not diif when I cant keep my big mouth shut!) n well make u feel loved!

1 comment:

  1. Loads of luck and gud wishes ur way :)
    Whatz that fav shade :P That ws soo sweet of Sabs :)