Friday The 13th.....

... is the B'day of ma hubbs dearest ... couldnt hv fallen on a better day I say :-D

Pravinaaaa......... Got a lot to write on the year that was...... But possibly will park tht for the anniversary post coming soon :)!

Started writing off this post with some high funda senti stuff... but well well truth remains tht its just not u! So well will just say this... My Peter Pan(now the romantic thing to say would be "never ever grow up"... But But Ho no!) enjoy ur life the way u always do with no worry of anything...... The biggest of frowns n headaches are shooed off with no second thots (Yea yea I know I do ur share of worrying Too :-D)! May this year see you do a lot of travelling, reading, farm-villing(yikes), trekking, TTing, Writing, Cooking(:-P) (Did I miss out  on any of ur fav activities) n probably we will buy your long cherished car too!! Doesnt this wish-list sound like tht of a teenage boy - well thts exactly wht u r... So how the hell do I talk of u becoming a father!! (Yeah yeah I can hear the retort - "Son is the father of child") ! Love U.... Muah!

Here Enjoy over ur fav Dark-choc cake !!!

Well the 'Chilly' there comes from his famous habbit of having Raw chillies along with food! N b4 u guys applaud ma creativity, lemme clarify the credit for this goes to his office colleagues...... This is a pic from one of the old archives :)


  1. LOL. I ws all praise for ur ceativity when I read the last sentence - See, I read the whole post ;) ;)
    Wishing ur hubby a very very happy birthday :)

  2. Yea Babe Yea! N u come out with a post soooooooooooon