Corner Of ma home!

ea! Yea! Me kinda jobless n hv nothing much to write of... so put up with me as I show u another corner of ma home....

The wall just beside the fav corner of ma hubbs in entire house - any guesses?? Yea Yea what else but his bar-unit :)

N as with other corners its the knick-knacks collected, the memories that they bring which makes them spl...... The bottom most cask is from what I know the traditional Fenny holder bought on our visit to Goa! The knives above been picked - one from sikkim, one from darjeeling on our Honeymoon(Our home has this big collection of knives thnx to hubbs dearest - Will do a knives spl post soon :)) N the pic at the top.... A gift on our house warming.... But doesnt it kinda go so well beside a bar unit !! Hope u enjoyed this corner :)

Ha on another comp diff note - u in B'lore then drop in @ Dastakaar - A exhibition happening in Palace grounds, a notch diff from the usual arts-crafts exhib tht usually populate the city! I picked a pretty skirt, a tie-n-dye kinda kurti n then there are these interesting puppet shows n not to forget some yum-yum chats n kulfis :)


  1. One query : If kalakar means an actor does dastkar mean a knocker?? :-)

  2. Slurp Slurp - chats n kulfis ;)
    Ppl r all praise for dastkar :) Missing it :(
    I like this corner of ur home too :D

  3. Come baby come... come to blore!

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