23rd of August!

Ha marks a year since the 'Gruhapravesam' of our home.... N now b4 u groan n say 'yet another anniversary'.... lemme assure u this post is no anniversary spl! Putting this up here more for sake of preserving the wonderful memories....

Of course the memories are wonderful... Our first 'own home' (n i hope not the 'only'..... yeah yeah am materialistic enuf) .... isnt tht spl! But ha if u had asked me tht q a year back... I would hv probably eaten u up alive... LOL! Cause tht is how crazy it was to balance a job(a few months old one at tht... three cheers to my mgr) n supervise ur home(ha! thnk god for mothers)!! I still am amazed tht two good-for-nothing (yeah yeah am being modest) partners like us ended up buying a flat(tht in itslef calls for a party)! Exactly wht my FIL thot! He was so sure tht we were good-for-nothing tht he almost took next flight to B'lore when we announced thius grand plan of buying the flat to him... he was half sceptical tht we gonna end up in a scam .... Wink wink!

So after much deliberation(for our parents) we decided to hv the house warming ceremony in august(whats with August n ma hubbs... he is born., married, bought his first car n now the flat.... all in month of august... ooph!) ...... N couldnt we hv chosen a better day(possibly not) .... the day co-incides with one of the holiest days for Indians....Ganesh Chaturthi...... Ha! Now while the holy part is gr8 on the flip side getting a pundit to do the ganapathi-homam at a reasonable hour was we;ll next to impossible... so we ended up having our house warming pooja at good 3 in the morn... yea yea i know we n drama are inseparable! Now now u rolling ur eyes n saying "Gosh! U woke up so early" well well I gotta sheepishly agree tht when pooja started I was still sleeping.... sshhhhh!!! No boooing!

Ha so ths hurdle 1 crossed - now the imp part(the most imp part u c) ... yea yea u on dot ... ofcourse we talking of food here :)... for all the foodie I am we decided to go n hire people who can be best described 'amateurs'(kinda suits us dont u think)......  so while he managed to pull off the breakfast the lunch was... well lets say not just the tastiest kerala food u hv had in ur life.... But luckily for us there wernt many who were true kerala food concousiuers!

N the people who really made the day for us.... Family N Friends!Family who were there with us from the word 'go'.... with help in all forms.... Money, time, encouragement! N Friends... right from my boss, colleague to satyam friends.....Your just being there meant quite a bit!

N now to the D-Day attire! Both of us were dressed in our wedding day dress.. Typical kerala white white! Other than the obvious paisa vasool arent both occasions symbolic of a new chapter in our lives..... N just  so tht u do somme ooohs-haas the sari I wore for the post-pooja sessions was picked up on one of our sojourns to Kanchi....a beautiful double-shaded green-maroon sari... it was love at first sight... if not for me atleast for ma hubbs! Lemme put this on record...... WIth hubbs anything he picks up are all love at first sights.... But the prob with it is nothing else is even given a glance once his heart is taken!! Hmm good as well as bad!

This post wouldnt be complete before saying a thank u to the usual suspects....sabs - bins.... well we bought our little home thnx to them :)

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  1. Wow thatz an occasion to mark ofcourse :)
    U hv got a beautiful house there, from the corners that I hv seen :P

    So nice to hv friends like sabs and bins :D