Diwali 2011....

Having exhausted all the 'Lighting up' decor ideas last year, me decided to zero on a 'Flower-Diya' rangoli this time... Easy on time n eyes as well esp with ma sis visiting! I could easily outsource the design picking n color co-ordination to her and with the hubbs around, I know there are some fab pics guaranteed :).At times, I believe, that the pics look much betta than the actual subjects.. This is a perfect point in case ... lol!

 The diya tht you See in the middle is the latest addition  to our diya collection. You can see a closeup of the diya here.

Speaking of Diwali, what should not be missed to add, is the way my mom never ever loses a chance to driver point home! It so happened that while we were out to burst the crackers, we were joined by the kids from neighborhood which  jus added more life to the celebrations! My mom but had to think aloud(loud enuf for me n hubbs to hear!) n exclaim "Dont kids always bring more joy n happiness to our lives" n this was repeated so many times that am sure half the people out there got the msg tooo (rolling ma eyes in resignation).

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  1. The flowers and diya rangoli… looks stunning…

    Easy on time.. really??!! Are you serious?? I couldn’t do that with flowers… We did a quick rangoli this year too… just a few straight lines.. a few designs.. and a few circles.. and powder.. makes it a rangoli.. and then you put diyas.. to hide anything…

    Love love.. the pic.. you’ve posted… absolutely sparking.. Hope you and all your loved ones.. had a fabulous Diwali celebration.

    Ha ha ha… that’s super cute of your mom.. But yes.. moms are like that… There is very little one can do to change them..

  2. Lovely decoration and the close up of the diya looks great.

    And for moms if you have one kid then it would be 'one kid is so lonely.' :D A second one would be nice.

  3. It looks absolutely stunning!

    I agree, flowers and diyas are always a winner:)

  4. Beautiful ,it looks great...