Masks of Sri Lanka

No points for guessing what topped ma shopping list on the hol to Sri lanka ..... Hands down it was those colorful n vibrant masks! The dance show jus added more fire to the fuel......

It was on this shopping sojourn tht we got this interesting tid-but abt masks and their significance. Supposedly the Masks that are hung outside most srilankan homes, widely fall under one of the five categories:

Peacock Mask: Brings Peace, Harmony and prosperity
Fire Mask:  To subdue enemies and bring friendship and harmony.
Garuda Mask: Brings  Protection (Garuda is a mythical bird)
Snake Mask: : Brings protection from all dangers.
Evil Mask: Keeps away Evil(??)

Thou I wish I could take you on a pictorial walk thru of the masks ~~ I jus cant find them in my archives :-/. So plz do click on those links to hv a glimpse of those masks. The one that I could show you thou is the "Peacock Mask" that I picked up.....

Somebody asked me if we picked it up fo what it signified ~~ All I will say in ans i s"I wish" ~~ This is another of those things where the "Object" chose us rather than vice versa :-D. One hella dumb pots we are .. arent we :-D

Linking this upto ABC Wednesdays (M for Mask), Wordless Wednedays


  1. May it bring you your peace, harmony and prosperity.

  2. The mask you posted is amazing! I hope you can find the others!

  3. An amazing mask. Its so colorful and elaborate. Nice post.

  4. That's beautiful!

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  5. That's interesting info..Its amazing to know and experience different culture and their beliefs.

  6. This is a good souvenir to get back home. :)

  7. These masks are so beautiful and real artistic !
    ABC Team

  8. I found the exact same mask stored in the garage. considering it brings peace and prosperity its now on the kitchen wall.

  9. thanks for the information on this page. do you know when they started using masks in Sri Lanka?