Buddha and Buddhism!

When somebody asks me hows Sri Lanka, My ans invariably is tht its v much like kerala except for the inherent differences that Buddhism has infused..... Buddhism there is a way of life jus as Hinduism is in India! Hers a pictorial walk thru of the diff Buddhist temples tht we hopped into....

The Most Famous Buddhist Temple inb whole of Srilanka - The tooth Temple, Kandy

 Then we reach the ancient Buddhist city ~~ The Dambulla temple which is almost prehistoric.. being built somewhere in the early BCs.... The finesse of the work is worth marvelling at.....

Heres a closeup shot of the sole of the recling buddha ~~ I wish I knew what the figures in there signify....

Signing off with the Buddha that I picked up for ma home when in Srilanka :)

Heres a suggestion for you if you intend to go buddha-shopping in Srilanka ~~ The best bets are the buddhsit centeres or Laksala by Srilanka Handicrafts board

Linking this upto Myworld tuesday and with this I kickstart NaBloPoMo for noevember ... Imagine 500+ bloggers from across the world bloggin everyday for  month... wow huh!


  1. I like the way you tell me the difference between Kerela and Srilanka! Have not been to either of the places till now.

  2. Wow! U r doing the NaBloPoMo? Awesome!:) Gud luck!

    Loved them all :)

  3. Fabulous shots of Buddha.

  4. Beautiful statues! I just rent a cd this week about the Dalaï Lama and the way to understand the buddhism! We need a little serenity in our stressed life here!