Thank You.....

A small family of mummy-daddy.. A house with hardly a dull moment(for well the sisters are more often than not at each others throats :)) .......The soul of that home lay in the gals for despite all the warring there was lotta love topped with the indulgence of a bestowed daddy :).....  The elder one was the geeky kind whose world revolved around her books but the younger one was well jus the other extreme.. Talkative, bubbly, spirited who was happier hi-fing  her daddy during a  cricket match than stepping into the kitchen!

Times flew, wedding bells rang for the elder one ~~ Festive was the spirit at home! But but soon v soon things tuned topsy turvy when the dearest dadu of the girls passed away with no prior intimation whatsoever..... The happy moments came to haunt them!

Life thou has a habit of moving on... The elder daughter got married n moves away to other city.... She gets too engrossed in making pace with all the new happenings in her life....

But in midst of all this the younger one is lost... her spirit is letta say almost dead... her laughter is wiped off! She is now a ghost of her former self...... With her dadu far far off n the elder one too far off to make her presence flet in day-day life.....

Now now behind every dark cloud theres a silver lining aint it ... Th bad times cant lats forever can it? Job takes the litt gal(no more litt thou..) to the city where her sis lives..... The few months that she spends with her sis n jeeju slowly buy surely brings her old spirit back...... She is no more lonely...  No more craving for company.....Her laughter n boisterousness slowly peeps out once again.....
This ma frnds as few of you must hv guessed is no piece of fiction.. Its the story of ma life n yeap the elder gal in the story is yours truly!

So Aint it something I should be thankful for... For the smile, the laughter, the joy, the leg-pulling thts back......

Pictured her is ma sis with her jeeju(read ma hubbs)... Thank You God!


  1. Beautiful take on the theme :)
    Am so glad for all of u :)

  2. How sweet is that. And by the way is that your home..Loved it so much..

  3. :) beautiful pic and a lovely article to add to it ..

    WE shud be thnkful for everything that makes us smile ..