From the interioirs of Tamil Nadu.....

Clicks from interiors of Tamil Nadu(India) ... What caught my eyes are the bold colors of the walla n doors of a few houses there....

Candy Pink Walls!

Go Green!

Possibly a v common occurrence in few parts of India, But they deserve a click don they :).

Linking this to OurWorldTuesday and thursday challenge "DOOR" (House, Barn, Gate, Entrance, Cellar, Car,...)


  1. Not the usual colours associated with houses but they look pretty!

  2. Hello there,
    Such cheery colours brightening up my morning. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful bright colors - I love them. They would fit right in here in New Mexico!

  4. I also blogged about dramatic colours and everybody thought they were from Tamil Nadu!! Now I can see why. :)

    Loved the doors, specially the second one.

  5. AH there he is! There where 3 other links on the challenge site but they weren't working! This one is! :) Nice doors, very collorfull!