Oil Extraction Anybody?

No No, don run off post reading the heading ~~ I hv not om back from any indistrial visit nor am I gona bore you With some hi-funda oild extractoion proocess! First lemme tell u what gave me this idea for a topic(yea yea this topic of everything) ~~ It was a glass of orange juice tht I was squeezing out!  Yea you heard tht rt...  Read on n lemme know if you think am rt.....

As I was squeezing out this orange  juice, it stuck me tht the process of extracting cocnut oil is so v damn similar ~~ Sachi! Its as simple as desiccating the dry cocnuts , squezing them till the last drop of oil is extracted and then filtering it out  ~~ almost how we extract the fresh fruit juice right See the pics if you don belive me ~~

The actual machine ~~ K k its a wee size bigger than our fruit extractor! The rod u see at the topis the one tht desiccates the dry coconuts

A closer look at the top part of the machine ~~ Desicating the coconut
The bottom half of the machine ~~ The Juice(read oil) tickling out
Filter it and there you hv Your oil ready to use!
So aint I right ~~ Jus replace this mighty machine with your juice extractor ~~ Isnt the mechanism behind the same :)

Pics clicked at Udipi, Karnataka.

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  1. that is some serious machine!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That is a good series for educational purpose.

  3. Looks like for industrial use!! I use the micro to separate the shell from the fleshy part and then slice it to smaller bits an grate in a mixer grinder fine, finer finest or juice, according to the need!! I t reduces work by half :D

  4. Interesting procedure !
    ABC Team