A Family Heir-Loom

In this post written a good two years back, I grieved about not having a hand written letter from my father... Here are those lines from that post....

Today when my dad is no more, all the memories I have are in my heart and may be a few pics that will speak for themselves. Isn’t it sad that my child will never have a chance of knowing him better especially considering what a beautiful writer my dad was........

But what I do have is this souvenir (this plank was stenciled and laminated by him) in which he had engraved the principle that truly governed his life and was a permanent resident at his office table!  Today it deckos my home, at a place where I set my eyes as soon as I wake up in the morn..... My Kitchen window. A good piece of wisdom  to take in as I brew my cup of morn tea rt :)

Click on it to view betta..

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  1. Thats a good advice ..

    I started reading your article and I am blessed I have had the oppurtunity to use those hand written letter .. did not have a computer or fone then so letters were the only way to keep in touch ...


  2. My father is gone to. 8 years ago he dead. I have some handwritten letters but what you have is just as valuable. What a possitive man your dad must have been! You can say that to your children, granddad was a possitive man, with a great attitude! :) What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes indeed, I am sure your day would turn out to be bright with these beautiful inspiring words:)

  4. I am so happy for you that you have what you cherish!