At Sigriya...

The word Sigriya Literally means Lions Rock (In Sinhalese - Lang spoken in Srilanka) and the word "Lions Rock" is no writers imagination .... The rock is literally carved to resemble a Lion!
 I will let the pic do the talking.... Seeing is believing rt....

The history behind is  I should say the story of the downfall of many royals across the continents - The blood bath for the coveted seat!

History apart, this place is no less than a archaeological wonder - after all Unecsco declared it is as the 8th wonder of the world ~~ Come to think of it, a entire palace was recreated on top of a rock! Reaching the top even today is a true test of your physical stamina ~~despite the staircase build around the rock by tourism! Supposedly in yesteryear the soldier would use the flimsy holds on the rock(The grroves u c in the below pic) to get onto the top... Makes me wonder how!!!!

The Grroves u c here is what the soldiers used to climb up the rock!

If u visiting there, make sure you get hold of one of the guides ~~ If not for the know-how about the place  then definitely for the short-cuts they know to reach at the top

Before I close this post heres the pic of  the world famous fresco paintings on Sigriya walls...

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  1. Hello.
    Interesting facts about Lions Rock. Those soldiers must have been BRAVE & extremely AGILE to scale the rock using only the flimsy holds. Makes me shudder just thinking about the lack of safety...wonder how many didn't quite make it?

    Awesome post!

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Last Kiss

  2. really cool - love the marbling in the rock
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. That is quite a queue of people, possibly gasping for breath:-) I would love to visit there, fascinating.
    Joy, ABC Team

  4. The steep climb looks scary and just not for me and the faint hearted!! The fresco on the rock walls look so similar to the Frescoes of Ajanta & Ellora caves here.

  5. fabulous shots and I loved the history