The story of a....

Dining Table!

Stop rolling ur eyes n read on ....

A rainy eve on the way back from off, waiting for hubbs to pick me up... But as ma mister dint seem to show any sign of appearance, I hop onto the nearest shop which well happened to be Fab India! Did ma by-now-religious round of window shopping! Jus as I was abt to wrap, tring-tring goes the phone n in the nick of stepping out ma eyes fall on a dining table and yeap as the lore goes it was ~~ Love at first sight! The hubbs was soon summoned n as luck would hv it he gave his nod of approval too.. So in 5 mins flat the sale was sealed!!

N if u thot I am a impulsive buyer ~~ Am far from it! I am usually a very calculative, balanced shopper! This dining table was in our to-buy-list for a few months nee years now ~~ But well there hardly seemed one tht we liked and which fit into our budget (K I dint really go hunting for it but still...)

This ma dearies is the story of ma life(at least post wedding) be it this dining table or come to think of it, even ma home! We do go thru a few cursory glances  but all were rejected post the quality checks n brain storming sessions!Thou when we end up buying ~~ the deal is clutched in flat 15 - 30 mins ~~ No quality checks, no brain storming nothing! Love at first sight did yea say ~~ My foot it is! The fickle minded I am, no soon is the deal signed ~~ My brain goes on a overdrive n starts fishing for all the possible mistakes with it! But Hubbs ~~ Ha did u ever hear "Love is Blind" ~~ Yes thts Mr. Hubbs for u!

Having subjected u to this long essay, lemme show u the pic of the dining table. To quote ma hubbs "I call it my magic table :) 4 seater to 6 seater conversion". BTW its jus the table tht we bought home minus the chairs(dough issue u c) .. now lets Wait n watch how long it takes before we fall in love with chairs!

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  1. Ah I am more like you lady, I can never plan and buy stuff, Table looks awesome, I have a similar table :)

  2. Nice Table and nice story around it :-)