What we did Over the weekend...

Will let the pics do the talking for once....

Ganesh Homam @ Dawn!

The Bhagvati seva @ the dusk

The above pic does no justice ti the kolam\muggu that adorned the pooja floor! But captured this pic to show you the way poojari spread the colors around - with the tea strainer ~~ Effortless it seemed ~~ Innovation I say!

Linking this to Color Deckors Weekend Wrapup!

All pics courtesy hubbs ofcourse!


  1. oh yes!! I have seen them do this.. and they are so so super quick that they leave you impressed.. .They sit in the same position.. moving only the upper part of their bodies.. and their hands.. and create something stunning and enormous..

    Lovely post... Hope you prayed for me too.. Thanks for linking in!! :-)

  2. Pic are stunning....really great!

  3. well captured , those colors are awesome..

  4. Such gorgeous pictures that tell a beautiful story:):)

  5. Gorgeous! I am seen and been amazed by the priests do that too :)
    Whatz with the homa and the puja btw? Any function at home?