Five Foods!

Hmmm as I begin to write what should be ma fav section of the tag, Realization hits me that for all ma being a foodie n eating out n happy-to-experiment, at heart am still a comfort-food loving Indian Food Lover :-/ . So here are ma few fav, staples at home!

  1. Roti - dal - Sabji : The staple at ma home ~~ Na forget it being ma fav comfort food, I jus abt manage to swallow it ~~ Am v much ur Rice loving South Indian ~~ Thank U v much! But it so happens tht the Hubbs cant swallow rice unless its pushed down his throat! See what a hub loving sati savitri I am!
  2. Fishy Fish: Yea yea so much tht its a part of ma name too ('Meen'(a)~~ 'Meen' is fish in mal ~~ LOL! Fish fry ~~ Kerala style, Fish curry ~~ Bong Style(the one made in mustard), Goan style Dry Prawn Powder ~~ Well basically evry possible sea food!
  3. U heard of 'Maa-Ke-Haath-Ka-Khana' ~~ In ma case it should be 'Hubbs-Ke-Haath-Ka-Kaana' ~~ No No don roll ur eyes! He has magic in his hands(Runs in his moms side of faily I should say) ~~ Any damn thing he dishes out is invariably spicy but Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  4. Sweet Tooth! Anything remotely sweet will be swallowed in with no 2nd thots! The tyres around ma stomach can tell a tale....
  5. Comfort Foods rt from ur curd rice - Pickle to Kichidi to Pulao to Rasam! Nvr realized am such a true south Indian!
Will leave u with a pic of ma favoute(est) fish fry ~~ Courtesy ma Frnd ofcourse!

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  1. Rice n Rasam def. goes in my list of favvv comfort foods too :)