Six Places!

Hmmm as soon as I heard '6 Places' I thot its gona be a freeze considering the travel freak I can be! But as I sit down to pen it, words don seem to be coming easy ~~ Which place to do I chose ~~ My favs(well diff to pick one), The places I want to go to (Too many to list!) ~~So decided to stick to places that I hv lived \travelled n loved!

Kerala ~~ Its ma fav hol destination in the world thou nothing it has to do with it being 'Gods own country' ... Its a place I hv visited on n off thru ma summer hols.. So but ofcourse I hv ma best memories of childhood associated with this place!

Hyderabad ~~ Home Sweet home ~~ The place I spent a good 2.5 decades of ma life, a place that I know like the back of ma hand... Funny how the description of a place changes as we move on in our life.. When I lived there I thot of it a 'Big City' but today I would call it as 'Quaint ~~ Slow Paced ~~ Warm'

Bangalore ~~ A place where I discovered myself! Where I made the transition from a 'Non-Confident\No-Clue-Abt-Life'\'Dreams-In-My-Eyes' to a 'Confident\Practical\'Been-There-Done-Tht' Lady ...Well well I know of people who think am still to make the transition... But yeap I would call it as a 'Work-In-Progress' and I know of the other lot who preferred the 'Simpletion-Me' to the current Me! Hmmm but yeap for good or bad I hv moved on...... And what helped in the transition isnt just the people around(Hubbs played a Big role) but the city in itself... The cosmopolitan\'don-give-A-Dam' culture here lets u be urslef as u r jus yet another anonymous speck in this Big city!

Goa ~~ A place I will want to go back to not for its beaches, not for its 'Party-Every-Night', Not for the booze(Thou I think thts the biggest incentive for ma hubbs) but thts one place in India(atleast among those I been) where a gal-lady can dress up how she chooses without worrying abt lecherous looks! Luved the freedom there!

Coorg ~~ A place I been with ma hubbs in the early months of marriage! I was almost disappointed thou thnx to the incessant rain! But today as I look back its a hol tht I think of with the fondest memories... A perfect hol with good food, a gr8 place, long walks n jus sit back n relax(n read) but the operative word tht describes the hol for me... 'Passion' :-D (Go figure!)

London ~~ Of all the places I hv been abroad(Not tht its a long list)... I luved this place for the way they preserved their history n ofourse their public transport is indeed something!

N before I sign off ~~ A special mention to all the road trips with ma hubbs ~~ The journey as they say is what makes a trip more memorable than the destination!
Now to Five foods tomo ~~ My fav of the lot u bet :-D

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