When its raining troubles....

"Happinees brings the best in you while Adversaries brings out the worst" ~~ Yours Truly!

Hmmm true rt? On a good day, Look at the swing in your walk, you hv a ready smile for even a stranger ~~ ut on a bad day, God save the person who errs, forget the smile am ready to go grrrr at an unsuspecting stranger!

Now over to ma frnd whose day is as bad as it can get ~~ A bigg tiff with her hubbs, unwell parents, A big interview looming large and she jus oversleeps to wake up at 12 in afternoon ~~ shes somebody who cant sleep a wink beyond 6:30 even on a weekend ~~ I was subjected to her trying to pierce ma eyesopen at tht ungodly hr on a SATURDAY(with no luck ofcourse!)

Ha topping on cake ~~ the rain god chooses tht moment she steps out(No she doesnt drive)  to shower his blessings! So there she is trying to squeeze herself into her umbrella as, well the last thing anybody waana do is arrive at an all imp interview soaking wet rt? Now what does she sight upon in the midst of all this halla - gullla??  A young mom carrying a infant-toddler in arms and struggling to keep the little one dry with jus a duppata n no umbrella! So wht does ma good Samaritan of a frnd do ~~ Hand over the umbrella with no second thots to this perfect stranger n asking her to drop it off sometime next day in the small corner shop around the road! N her?? The wet clothes n interview be damned!

But as she says life is a circle of goodness, so not only did she get her umbrella back next day but managed to bag the job!

Hmm its these nothing-in-return favours tht make u like sit back n give the person a second thot n all u can do is be just awed at how goodness still exists!


  1. Such a pleasure and more to hv her as a friend. God bless her!

  2. good one, there is hope for kindness eh!