One Pic!

The last of the 10 day challenge ~~ 1 Pic(of self!)

Heres ma pick..... Captures me in ma truest form ~~ 'The Happy-to-be-silly' me ~~ I luv luv luv the wind caressing ma face n blowing ma hair in all possib directions ~~ Trust me theres no betta magic to wipe away all ur troubles(at least for the moment) ~~ clicked on a hol by ma fav photographer .......

Hmm Enjoyed the Tag... The first few ones were tricky ~~ To dig deep to come up with the secrets, fears, wants ~~ The next leg was fun ~~ Fav books n FOOD!  As always I take up a blogging marathon when I hv things spearing outta ma control(This time it was work n loads of it!)


  1. Nice one! I luv it when the wind blows my hair crazily too :D

  2. This is one beautiful shot, should the credit go to the photographer or the model :)

  3. Waahh re waah!! What a classy picture!! Love love love it!!