4 Books!

Hmm for the reader I am('voracious' should hv ben the adjective appended to it, But hving met hubbs n a few other frnds, I realize voracious is tooo much of an exaggeration!) - Am not able to pin down my  4 top picks! Lemme try thou:

Enid Blytons: Without doubt the book that hooked me to reading ~~ Thnx Dadu, for opening up this world to me!

Sidney Sheldons ~~ Jeffery Archers ~~ Robert Cooks : For the simple reaosn that once I graduated from Enid Blyton, these were the first set of fiction tht I hit on(again Thnx to dadus ~~ They were on his reading list)! But on 2nd thots, did a overload of fiction make me fiction- handicapped? (I cant for life of me read  non fiction!)

Harry Potter: Go ahead pooh pooh ma intellectual levels! But this is one book that opened the world o 'Fantasy' to me n this is one book that I can read n re-read without getting bored!

Palace Of Illusions: The one book that got me hooked to Indian fiction! Hv never been disappointed since then ~~ Be it Indu Sundaresan or Anitha Nair! Here hv a look at the recent ones I finished... Not a bad list huh! Here go ahead, hv a quick glance of the books I recently read!


  1. Enid Blyton rocked! Loved reading all of her books :D

    And palace of illusions was AWESOME too!!!

  2. Enid Blyton .. by far the best.. today, and forever..

    Saying that.. all your selections are good.. :-)

  3. I think all of us share that love for Enid Blyton :)