Love or.....

A gal, a much loved one loses her dad at a v young age. Her other pillar of support - her sis moves to other city post marriage n is soon immersed in her life. so she soon unconsciously is looking for somebody to fill the void. Her friends slowly but steadily becomes her support system. Among them, one boy becomes a stabilizing factor - Her day is neva complete till she talks to him. To be fair to the boy, he goes outa his way to help her out.

Soon they grow up and its the time for wedding bells And you guessed it rt, they realize that possibly they are best suited for each other.

So whats it for the girl? Love? Comfort factor? A unconscious father-figure hunt that she mistakes it to be love?

Does anybody know the ans? I dono


  1. part of the story sounds very familiar :)

  2. We all choose to stay with someone because we are comfortable in that person's company. So if they feel comfortable with each other we can call it love :)

  3. well the questions does not make much sense, unless you believe that the so called love can be defined.