The holiday that was!

Ha the trip for which I made some hue n cry is done with! A much needed 3 day (only) break!

Well after ages I hv had a trip to guruvayoor with no "To-Do" list - the past few were literally a race against time! So this was a breather in more ways than one!

So did I make a nostalgic trip down the memory lane? Not really - The home in kerala now is more of a modern palatial house fitted with all modern\western amenities! Frankly I donno if I would now survive in my good old summer home now - The bathroom there is situated a good 200-300 mts away from the home.... ROFL!! But as I was telling somebody the other day "Visiting this home is more like dropping in at any other house anywhere in India... its in midst of a ever growing concrete jungle....It just doesn’t capture the charm of my good old summer home"...... Nostalgic, dreamy but non-practical :) Ha but again the charm of relationships, the unconditional love that u know u can turn to any time of ur life just drives u there!!!

So what did I do there other than soaking in some good time with my little niece - hogged n hogged on Fish :-D! Well practically that is all I did - all the other items in my list including site-seeing(Blame it on rain!), Temple hopping(Whom do I blame? Myself????) all went for a dash! Also kinda opened my mind to the charm of small towns - how what would be non-descript hotel down a street in Bangalore is famous there, how a tailor shop which nobody would give a seconf look here is a 'landmark' there, how what would be described as a 'run-down' theater in Bangalore is classified as a "Luxury" theater there....... Ha a relief from the non-lit-artificial Bangalore!
So well until the next vacation......!!!!

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