Food N People!!

Your Kid Sis who grew up along with you for a good 20 years and itsnt presumptuous to presume that u know the person inside out! Correct? Wrong!!!

The past one month threw a big googly at me - When u realize that your silly, tag-along, Loud-Spoken (used to) young sis whom u dint trust to know right from wrong is outgrown You - Right from a opinion on her marriage (Lemme not broach on it here - Calamity that will befall me is the excuse!) to her food habits!! Yeah yeah The foodie I am food habits is a big parameter to judge a person :-D

Now Now at home me was always the foodie - Happy to gorge on and experiment with just abt anything! While madam was happier to stick along with traditional and time-tested dishes!! So during her sojourn to B'lore - Me being the protective (Bossy??) and happy-to-please elder sis (:-P) would drag her along to places serving only south Indian Food much against hubb's protests. He was game to take her to his fav steak-sizzler place and me-being-me thot tht she was nodding along just to be on good books of her 'Jeeju'!! (To my credit - I did take her to kabab n roll centers - But she rolled her nose up like nobody's business!)

So imagine my surprise when during last visit we land up in one of his fav steak-sizzler place and madam laps it up with no whimper and relishes it too!!! Yeah Yeah the hubbs face said 'I-Told-U-So'!! N to say I was zapped is an under estimation!!! When did my Hyderabd-Biryani eating kiddie grow up to enjoy Steaks!!!! Am flabbergasted! When did she grow up so much one me (Now Now why do I sound like this old lady?)

Ha Manu U on my blog atlast !(:-D - Now dont go grrrrrrrrrrrr on me - Dint I tell u when a proper post on u will be done - So agree to it n u get the post). N my dearest sweetheart, Grow up in last few years U Did, quite a bit surprising me at times with your firm thots on wedding n career (when the hell did u career get so imp 4 u!!!) - But well well at the risk of sounding like a old hog lemme remind u of the other imp things (Hint: An exclusive post 4 u on my Blog...Wink wink)!!! N a thank you to the person who helped me re-discover U :)


  1. I am more than curious abt that exclusive post nwwwww!!!!

  2. we can't believe tht ur sis ate tht much.she never used too ....

  3. Tht is a drastic change in Manu.... I am eagerly waiting to see the new avatar of our 'kinigy sis'... but then, the corporate world has its effects....