A 'Cold-War' Rant!!!

A big rant post this!!!!

Is it fair even remotely fair for people to play with your sentiments to teach u a lesson n teach u a lesson! N teach u a lesson for what??? For some silly n feeble thing that you did!!! Fair enuf that they get angry for it... But when u (despite knwing that u arent at mistake) walk up (Cause well tht person means something to u!) swallowing all ur sense of 'self-worth' and ask for few mins of their time to explain why u did n what u did n they royally ignore ur requests for well they are 'seething with anger' and let u stew in your sense of 'guilt n anger'!!!! 'Cold-War' is indeed worst than being given an earful!!

Be this ur own mom(she is an expert in this) or soembody dear to you... well its people who know that u love them who can afford to play these silly mind games with u!!!!! But remember every 'dog has its day'!!!

PS: This was a post which was in my drafts a few days back... didnt dare publish it then!!! But today having post made up with the person... u end up feeling more guilty for u realize that the reason for  'cold-war' was not the silly reason u had attributed it to but well its some words that u spoke out in anger which hurt the person more than U realized n intended it to!! Ha but well as they say 'Allzzz is well tht ends well' and what can be more 'well' then knowing that you are truly loved!

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  1. Aww glad that all izz well nw and so nice to know we r truly loved :)