The Rise Of Phoneix...... Yea Yea Yea!!!!

Well as it goes with many other 'Firsts' in our life.... Ma first company holds a v v special place in ma heart! N sadly I had to bid farewell to it when it wasnt at its peak... Kinda like giving it a 'Dhoka'.... So well the guilty conscience ensures that my loyalities are still firmly with good Old Satyam computers!!! Not east to shrug off a 5 year old bond u c....

Just the other day as I was returning with ma hubbs a bill board on the road caught my attention.... It was the ad of FIFA world cup!! Now now by no strecth of imagination am I a Football Fan... so well my hubbs had more than quizzical expression on his face untill I revelaed the source of my gyaan! For a period of time in 2008 before the Satyam Fiasco emerged, Satyam was to be the official IT partner for FIFA world cup... N well for a mid-sector company thats a Big catch.... So all our official 'Signatures' was this collage of FIFA N Satyam Logo! N I couldnt help but wonder aloud as to who is providing the IT Services now!

This happened on sunday n the very next day, the below article in newspaper catches my attention!!

(Pic n article courtesy: DNA Banaglore; Click on pic for a zoomed view)
Indeed The raise of Phoneix!!!! I from the depth of my heart hope that they pull the event thru with no hitches n my dear company soon raises to its old glory! Indeed am still proud to be a Satyamite(Ex)


  1. i wish them luck.. just for ur sake... otherwise, it doesn matter to me... :)

  2. Oh... thts really great... wish them all the luck...