The Satyam Spirit....Proud to be a Satyamite!!

Ho yeah am employed with the now (in)famous satyam Computers. But no this blog isn't to discuss abt the Satyam fiasco.....Will leave that to media! Thou I think its time somebody pulls up media for painting what is at times a completely wrong picture....

Wondering whats left in Satyam to be still proud of it?well am still proud of being a proud of the Satyam spirit!!The spirit that is holding the employees together! Do not go by what media says...yeah most of us have a fear of insecurity in us but the most overwhelming of the feelings is the spirit of unity...The spirit among employees to still hold the Satyam flag high!! Trust me when I say that there are guys who are busy working day in day out on their projects and haven't even thot of posting their resumes yet! N no we do not keep hanging around the pantry and discussing the exit options as media wants you to believe!
Think this emotional attachment to a company is foolish?? Well our loyalty is not to a individual but to a company....cause we believe Satyam is bigger than any individual! N as to what Mr.Raju did, I agree it was unfortunate but please do not forget that he had provided livelihood to more than 50 k families including me and I personally believe he did try his best to pull out the company from this crisis but a few wrong calculations landed him and all of us in this soup!! No, I am not trying to defend him...but yeah my heart goes out to him!!!

One of my colleagues Hemanth ( ) in a email to me says "I agree he did a mistake bt we have survive the company ....its our own company nt Raju family's.... I cnt even think of some one splitting this org in to parts and distribute.... I am still providing 24/7 support to the project.... Just sleeping 3-4 hrs since last two days cause any small slippage at this point would be attributed to this fiasco.......i am ready to wrk without salry bt at onsite i will ask thm to give half sal becoz we cant survive here without money."

N no Hemanth is not a one off case....The turn out of Satyamites for the 'Spirit of Satyam' Campaign two days after the fiasco talks in itself!!! Ho yeah its this spirits among Satyamites that makes me say "Proud to be a Satyamite"!!!!


  1. Yes meena...I agree with you..Its good move to be united... Not 50k even more ...and i feel the only company in AP which gave oppurtinity to grow IT industry...
    Thanks for the intiation...

  2. emotional but makes sense. Hope things will be on track soon. ALL THE BEST
    --From ex-employee and a share holder who lost considerable amount.

  3. It is unfortunate to have happened at the time of RECESSION... but the confidence and involvement amongst us has the courage to overcome any such situation.

    One thing all of us should bear in mind is not to leak any of the internal news to the media. We all know how adverse the media effect can be.

  4. I do appreciate the sentiments and the spirit...straight from the heart!!...reminds me of the christian wedding vows..."I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."...yes that's the feeling that I see in young people like you have for your company!i'm proud of you Meena!

  5. The Satyam solidarity has nothing to do with the recession etc. I believe that its the ond and the pride with which we talked of Satyam up till now and our own contributions to the organisation, wont let us deride it ever. - A proud satyamite. :-)

  6. hey .. u still with Satyam or have moved since ?

    Another Mahindra-Satyamite !

  7. Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

  8. Am proud to be associated with Mahindra Satyam.
    It is one of the few IT companies in India, with the best training facilities.
    Proud to be a Mahindra Satyamite !!!