The mandate Happy- Bday Waali Post!

Whats with me n my bdays! What is it that makes me get onto ma hubs throat on eve of every b'day ~~ This time the slight was the missing cake (N I thot a missing gift too... While it was sitting all nicely gift wrapped on my bedside... But I was too Grrrr to notice :-/ )! So despite this disastrous start, the day did go on quite well ~~ After all my mom, sis n niece being around is in itself a sure shot recipe to a gr8 day :)

Ofcourse the more than generous gifts I got ~~ Watch, Books, wallets(Funny how at times the very thing you had in ur wish list for a long time  materializes as a gift from the most unexpected sources!), dresses (My sis came loaded with like 4-5 new dresses :-D) was the topping on the cake! Ha! The fishy dinner had @ Coast -Coast (Koramanagala) jus added the 'yummy' quotient to the day :) Surprisingly or sadly the fact that a v v v v dear person conveniently missed the day dint spoil my day ~~ Realization dawns huh!


   Yumm Huh! Nope nope this is not a Bday delicacy... But well no bday post is comp till u hv something to slurpp on.. aint it! Pic courtesy hubbs ofcourse  :)

On another note, as u know me n athletics jus don go together ~~ Last week I hv been tagging along with am hubbs for his swimming classes n well looks like am almost on verge of giving it up :(.... Help! Help! Help!

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  1. don give up on swimming.. go on..
    why don u post the pictures of all your B'day gifts??

    Did you talk to the VVVVV close friend who miseed your day?

  2. thats Y its more fun living in the "present" :P

  3. Belated wishes :) Cn see u hd a gr8 day :) Pls to post pics of the gifts :)

  4. Swimming classes? Where where when? I'm dying to join for one! :(
    And erm--happy belated birthday :D :D

  5. Oh.. Happy Birthday... swimming classes?? really??

    You hubbys doing a fab job with the camera.. that looks yuuummmm..

    thanks for joining in weekly.. on CD.. totally brings a smile to my face.. thank you!! *hugs*

  6. Belated Wishes M&M, my birthday is coming in few days too :)