Book Review: Japanese Wife - Kunal Basu

Ok now letta try a diff approach for this book review... ok??

The cover page of the book has this quote by Aparna Sen ""The Japanese Wife" is a haunting but improbable love story, almost surreal its innocence"!

The backcover has this "Such is the dexterity with which Basu writes that the twelve separate stories melt together to become a book of evocation. In the end what one remember is the splendid and the remarkable"!!

Thus ma frnds I sign off the book review .... A remarkable approach to book review huh :-D.

Truly these lines above jus about covers what I hv to say this book... The story of 'Japnese Wife' is the creamiest story in the book, thou ofcourse every other story in it has tht distinct appeal to them (Thou I agree few went above ma head!)

Pic courtesy Google!
This ma frnds is the 2nd book in ma series of South Asian challenge! Do check out the rest here......

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