Once upon a Time in Mumbai.....

....Haa how how  could I not post this??? Well betta late than never rt....

Pic courtesy hubbs ofcourse (Well he did turn out to be rt huh!) .... He jus couldnt resist from clicking it as soon as it splashed on the TV screen.... Something to preserve for the future rt :-D. Well its not always that a so-much-craved-for fruit isnt snatched away right from under our nose rt :)

Haa nothing jus about nothing could make the weekend(A long one at tht!)  more picture perfect.....ofcourse the prospect of a houseful ~~ Ma mom, sis, ma niece.... few weekends from now is jus the topping on the cake rt!

So goes without saying tht this has to be linked to Color Deckors weekend wrapup......  Along with my cupcake dreams :)


  1. LOL! Lovely label for the post there :P
    What a day that ws :)

  2. Oh.. I did the same.. I clicked so many pics of what they were relaying.. from Aamir Khan to everyone else.. I have pics of everything.. :-)

    Congrats on the win to you & your hubby too!!

  3. Now the Srilankans will drink their tea and coffee from saucers since the Indians stole their cup !!! :D