How old are you??

I hv a frnd of Chinese origin who gave birth to this cutest cutest cutest boy in April 2010.... N so next week is the cutie pies 2nd b'day... Yeaaaaaaaaaaah n am the guest-of-honour :-D

Ho oh! Wait a sec... did I say 2nd b'day??  N u think thats a typo... Well well u couldnt hv been wronger.... I hv got tht right on dot! Don believe me??? Go on... read it up here..... Basically translates that in a few east asian cultures the day the child is born is considered to be start of year 1... N so the end of year 1 is well start of year 2 n is thus the 2nd bday!!!

BTW the first part was jus a made up story :-D. This piece of gyaan is courtesy ma frnd n her students from tht part of the world!

N heres presenting you with some yum yum cup-cakes(Cup cake is the operative work ... ok???)........... ! Why???? For the bday ofcourse... Of the  fictitious god child :-D  N for some reason I been drooling over this for past few dyas.... which ofcourse means  somebody is supposed to take  hint for the cake I want for ma bday :-D ! Did u jus call me shameless....... I take a bow ....

Pic courtesy Google!

PS:  Sheesh! To think I almost missed this persons bday.... Haaa how soon do I tend to forget ... even somebody who was(is) right at the top of my 'Like' List :( ... why??? Cause well am judgemental, cause I tend to be v v v easily swayed by opinions which come with a dose of on-your-face-evidence!!! But please please please noooo.... I soo don waana this happen.... I so don waana this person to move away from my 'Like' list.... cause well she is my 'Guardian ANgel' ....... Or is it just Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????????????????????????


  1. 2nd birthday in one year is indeed something I heard for the first time :)
    Those cup cakes sure look yum :)

  2. Thnank U :-) I jus cant wait to get ma eyes on them in real life!