Mr. Optimist...

... Thats ma hubbs... Take a bow mister!

The WC final just drove the point home... While many of ma family-n-frnds were disheartened when India lost the first 2 wickets within 10 overs, hubbs just wasn't flustered ~~ Hes v confident that we could still pull it thru!

 N thi is the case with every other episode at my home ~~ However hopeless the situation looks Mr. Unflustered is the first to see the silver-lining-behind-the-cloud .....Haa lets not go into the instances where he has to bite the dust :-D (Ofcourse I then don lose the chances to tell him I-Told-U-So :-D)

Hmm possibly gets the dynamics of home rt.... Am the Ms. Pessimist so possibly the mister balances it out huh.......

Signing off with ma pick of this weeks puc from hubbs photoblog .... Do hop on... won ya (Free publicity never hurts huh :-D)

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