I jus had to share this pic with u guys(ofcourse pic courtesy Hubbs) thou the treat was a few weeks nee months ago, but well the very sight of it is an indulgence for the sense aint it :)

Linking this up to the weekend wrapup...... Ha u c the major part of this weekend my status was "To the look n back" courtesy a stomach upset thou that dint prevent me from some retail therapy..... Nothing works like this therapy does to get all ur senses back in full form huh :-D

Esp when u end up getting the very gift u seek for somebody dear that u had in mind thou as ma frnd says, the clarity with which I hv it sketcked is say at a height of 50000 Ft.... Making the task of finding it all the more diff(How do u freeze down on something when u don even know what is tht u want huh) n exasperating(esp for the partner-in-crime .... Thank U sweetheart for putting up with it!)  but still  all the more satisfying :) ...

N did I tell ya tht this shopping expedition did reap in a sexy b'day gift for me ... again thnx to Sabs! Cant ask for more... can I???


  1. so whats the gift?? I havent figured out??!! Happy Birthday... to you!!

    This is such a cute post.. Here is wishing you both.. happiness always!! Love!!

  2. Howww just hw are u getting all that u want girl ;) Awesome :)

    Droooling all over here ;)