The Tharvaadu Memories!

A blink-n-u-miss it hop n stop visit to ma home in Gvr @ Kerala! But the one thing tht won go off ma memory for sometime is the soul-satisfying trip to ma tharavadu(ancestral home) there... A place I got to linger around after almost a deacde... A home tht is almost dilapidated but still holds  my  happiest-n-most-precious childhood memories! Ha the joy of relieving them with ma hubbs, sis n little niece.........

The Memories  of stepping into the dark-n-dingy rooms that still holds the aromas of fav foods, Of long corridors where we cousins would huddle around my grandma as a Jackfruit was cut open (N the fight tht followed to get the bigger share), Of the ammi-kall(Grinding Stone) where the yummiest of the masalas were hand Pounded, Of the afternoons spent in picking the Mailanji( mehendi leaves) from your own backyard and making a paste n the best part of it all ~~ having ur cousin come up with magical designs that adorn ur hands, Of the Thulasi-Thara where the lamp was lit every eve as the holder chants 'Deepam Deepam', of the eve prayers tht were recited at break-neck speed to catch the next game of whatever, of the monsoon rains(rain in kerala hv a charm of their own), Of the  sooty kitchen where the food was prep over the firewood-coconut husks, of the afternoons spent in splitting open the cotton husks which made the fluffiest of pillows n beds........ Of knowing that you are loved ..... Haaa How I miss those days!

My Tharavade ~~  A place that holds  my  happiest-n-most-precious childhood memories


  1. Good one. The good old days!!.

    We changed many things around us in pursuit of making the world a better place to live. But.....

  2. Lovvveeeeely post :)
    Made me all nostalgic :)
    And there's def. that thing abt Kerala monsoons :)

  3. Awesome. And that it's at Guruvayur makes it all the more special!!

    Beautifully written! :)

  4. Oh.. such lovely memories... *sigh*.. You've written this very well... I totally feel you now!! *sigh*

  5. Beautiful memories! One look at your tharavadu made me nostalgic too.

    Loved this post :)

  6. Meena, you took me instantly to my tharavadu..I have so many memories of happiness at my father's Irinjalakuda house. The large plot of land with fruit trees everywhere. We used to get up and run to the mango trees to see it any have fallen down. Looking at the white sand for kuzhiannas, the jambekya maram, the workers removing coconut from its husk, my grandmother trying to catch a chicken to cook our lunch and not to miss the ghost stories that my big cousins used to frighten us with sitting on the frontyard, hearing the sound of the crickets used to add to our fears. How can I also forget the cheratta puttu and the aulose podi...oh I wish I could re-live those days.. Sigh!

  7. You got me nostalgic and I am missing my Tharavadu..