Monday Fever Anyone?

Well well am usually the most susceptible of 'Monday Fever' syndrome..... Blame it on all except myself!!! But kya kare paapi peth ka sawaal he... thou peanuts is what I still get!

But well well nothing like a few small unexpected surprises to make ur day! A small but thotful message scribbled on a piece of Napkin n placed put on ur desk... isnt just that gesture enuf to brighten up the day! Thnx Abby Boy!!!! U n ur silly acts makes any day at work much more bearable.

Ha n as if tht is not enuf, the angry young man of the team comes up with a surprise gift! Hv a look!!! Beautiful isnt it?????????????? Thnx Man! I loved it. N thnx Dennis James for the pic!

N hey U Mr.AKay, Never got around to tell u....... Its great to hv u around! I know how much the very thot of sending that DMH report late in the night used to ruin my day as well as weeekends... A real heartfelt Thank You for taking thois over... thou I realize this should have been a 50-50 task even without a whimper or me asking for it u do my share of it too..... Thank You :)

Ha N the joy of wearing a dress on monday which even I acknowledge isnt 'Formal' by any definition n getting away with it :-D


  1. thts a cool gift... nice to hav a colleague so sweet at work... girl u hav a great manager and nice team... wat more can u ask for????... tht makes the a major ingredient in ones work life....

    And hope ur HR doesnt spot u in ur informal attair to ruin your day ..

    Sometimes, small gestures really make your day!!!

  2. Hey fishbone.... thats a nice gift... enjoy ur week.... how nice it would be if u keep getting gift everyday of the week haan... lol