Eat to Live or Live to eat?

Ha the foodie that I am the answer ain't a difficult one :).

But But what is that which coaxes u to eat out.... Lemme acknowledge the fact that personally for me ~~ more than the food it was the general fascination of eating out..............eeeeeeeeeee dont I just love this space... it lets me discover myself better each day! So as I was saying in my growing up days eating out wasnt a very common occurrence..... Even the rare occasions we would it would be more at your regular Udupi hotel kinda places! N then u grow up, get married to a person who is as crazy as u n is a game to trying out all kinda food n well combine this with your non-existent cooking skills and eating out becomes a regular affair :). Of course the jazzy lights, the d├ęcor all adds up to it(N ofcourse the lure to write a review on them :-D)

Ha but then slowly but surely the fascination fades away... sob sob! Today am happier landing up in a place that is minus all the frills n u go in just to get some good authentic food! So out goes the Ebony, Church street hotels, Ping(n tht explains the decline in Hotel reviews) and in comes coast to coast(for lip-smacking sea food), Momo Hut\Taste-of-Tibets!!!

But today post a few months(!!!!) I had this sudden craving to have Bengali Food(No am not pregnant...... why do I find myself repeating this in every other post???) and the reason for it??? Well was reading one of my current fav author ~~ Chitra Divaakrunn's book and that particular section had alluring references to bengali Kitchen! N suddenly its bengali food that I had to have! Thank God for being blessed with a mad hubbs who indulges U with despite your whimsical ideas(or is it guarantee his peace of mind) N Thank U Bangalina for giving me just the kinda food I craved for... rice n fish in mustard curry... Bliss is what u feel when u are served exactly the food u hv in mind :-D(Dint I say am a crazy foodie at heart)

B4 I close this lemme do a quick review on coast to coast ~~ I owe it to that place for serving up lip smacking fishy dishes along with neer dosa n ghee roast every time I land there! N its just not me ~~ My younger sis as well as my hubb's 80+ year old grand ma swear by it now :)

So until we meet again ~~ Happy eating n Happy Living :)


  1. LOL ... all it matters that ur stomach is happy @ the end of the day :P :P

    Reading Sister of my Heart?

  2. phew.. what can i say... !!! I just can hope that all u eat does just get u bloated up (like ur becoming now)....

    i know its imp to keep ur stomach happy (like i cant control biryanis and pizza)... but u know once in a while just eat a little less... uhave got a whole life ahead... :)