Book Review: Palace of Illusions!

One word to describe the book, "Amazing"!!!!!

Ha before I go onto do a full-fledged review lemme give u a brief decko (Preludes on my posts are a mandate U C)........ This was one book which was ooh and aahed quite a bit in blog space.... But me being this Frivolous reader thot I knew better ... Ha Like I am gonna enjoy reading abt Panchaali of Mahabaratha era.... Gimme a big!!! So had put down picking this up quite a few times .... even when it was literally pushed under my nose! But but atlast I Succumbed to its fame pressure and picked it up and then Man Was I hooked!!!!

The story of a young, impatient, impractical girl who goes onto be a queen and the reason of the biggest war in ages to come! Sounds boring?? Wait till u pick it up... u would be amazed at how much u can relate to her in bits n parts (N Amazed at how much u relate her to people u know too :) )!

A girl happier spending her days with her bro & co than with the sillys girls around (:-D), Who cant wait ot grow up n embrace the big destiny which waits her, her Precocious relationship with her best buddy, mentor, guide n supporter ~ Krishna, her never to be fulfilled love story with Karna, her relationship with her husbands(The one with Bheema is what I lovd), her Precocious relationship with her MIL Kunthi(I so much want somebody to write a similar take on Kunthi n her story) n the her temper which can seethe n burn(Ok I copied somebody's lines here) n burn it indeed does! The beauty of the book lies in its true depiction of a woman's life... no pious, husband-worshipping(Thank U very much), humble larger-than-life image... are any lives that?? Its the mix of good n bad, Ugly n beautiful that makes life what it is n that is exactly the colors in which this book is painted!! Amazing!! Thank U Chitra Divakarunni! U r an amazing writer!!

Post this I hurried to pick other two books by her ~~ ‘One Amazing Thing’, ‘The Unknown errors of our lives’ While they are good books in their own right they dont hold a candle onto palace of illusions............Blame it on 'Expectations' ~~ The real Harbinger of many sorrows in my life!!

N ha I just discovered that she has a blog space… Hop on there! A quick glance glance tells me its interesting!

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  1. Oh u r so right abt the true depiction of a woman's life .. God, am so tired with those goooooood girls :P :P

    I think this is her best work till date :) Hv read a few others, liked this one the best :)