Confidence Is....

When ur hubbs who is hardly a inch taller than u(N with that flew off my M&B dreams of 'Tall, Dark' husband) buys you a good 2 inch heels and walks alongside with no visible signs of Fidgetness!!!

An confession... This is my first ever pair of heels!!!! No no me not bought up in some remote corner... Happens when u let ur dads decide ur wardrobe (Translates to bata shoes) n u couldnt anyway bother less on what u are adorned in!!!!

So back to heels.... The dearest hubbs of mine who should hv now been butt of jokes for having 'Jiski Biwi Lambi' has the guts to answer back "Ab yeh mujhse sar jukaake Baath karegi".... Sheesh!!!! Do I ever get to have the last say!!!! Life as usual is unfair I say!!!

N well as we on topic of 'Physical attributes'.... lemme bring up the topic of 'Pimply Face'... yeha yeah tht is how my face is now.... covered with all kinda pimples n acnes...yikes :(. Sadder cause till two weeks back I was always blessed with clear skin .... never had to bother abt it (happier for me) and possibly even looked down on people who would fuss abt pimples, oily food n all :(. Serves me right u say.... grrrrrrr!! No No dont give me any home remedies.... I dont hv the patience for it... Thank u Very much..... U can possibly refer me to a dermetologist in B'lore! Pop in tablets n Ur skin is back... very very me me!!!!


  1. yea yea..... yea....

    bata shoes that is sooo YOUUUU...!!!

    And about ur face... meet me in office... will treat u myself... :)

    Easiest way... lets get ur face tattooed...

  2. LOL jukao jukao .. cn I hv a pic of that act pls :P :P

    Sigh! I used to say the same thing till I moved cities. This weather just dint suit my skin ;) ;)

  3. Hahahaha..... tatooing is not a bad idea.....LOL... will suit u.

    Dadys and bata shoes.... are very strong bond... goes a long way...