Yosh, Yosh Am Back!

Am back again :)

Well blame it this time on my shoulder sprain... which ensured that I was logged in strictly for official purposes only!!
So what traversed during this period.... Life with all its myriad colors :). That sounds nice to read but in more practical - materialistic chunks ~~ Got the craved for chain (Ended up by that traditional black bead one.... I know me n Black dont go together... But But! N Grrrrrrrrrrr to person who didnt like it), witnessed a 'Bride-Seeing' ceremony(A big rant post coming up), Had some yum-yum food ...........Yes yes me n food are just inseparable (A post coming up soon... not really a review hmmm wait until u read it), Blowed up big money on books n hogged on them big time(Another post coming up there) !!

But ss they say, save the best for the last ~~ N what can be more beautiful than people n emotions!! Didn’t do a post on mother's day ~~ Hv written quite a bit about her in this space but somehow didnt get around to do one on the D-Day!! Ha did I tell u that my mom was around during that period ~~ Did it arouse scene of beautiful mother - daughter bonding?? Ha U couldn’t be more wrong ~~ She was generally pizzed n maintained a moun-vrat(Only Moms can do this to u!!) For wht U say?? Well the general list of complaints - No cooking, dirty house(did u kow that I was awake untill past midnight the day b4 to make it presentable n she still calls it a pig sty.......grrrrrrrrrrr), n of course her fav of all... No BABIES!!! Ooph!!! Ha But but but didnt all these coldness just melt away the moment I came down with tht sprain and suddenly it was motherly love personified! The day it happened I was cursing it for a wrong timing - Should it happen when I hv my mom n sis visiting for just 2 days.... But on hind-sight I realize it was for good... It melted my mom down and well I was back to the 'Much-Loved' daughter status! Isn’t tht what motherly love is all about...... Stern but loving :)

Ha but what leaves u with awe is the love that you receive from people who are not related to you by blood! This when they fighting their own sorrow... The warmt that they still manage to ooze is mind boggling!!! When U in all ur ignorance n arrogance go demanding to be indulged, the person puts their sorrow away and gives u just that........Ok now now did it sound like I was given a bucketful of sweet talk... U couldnt be more wrong! I was screamed, chided at until I decided to see some sense....... Thank You and I truly regret not being able to just do anything in turn 4 u.

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  1. Woww! Someone hs hd a gr8 time reading books and being showered with love :)
    So rt abt Mom's love .. we used to run to Dad if we were ever scared of what we hd done lol ;)

    Welcome bk :)