A Victorian Walk

/* Originally posted on 18 jan 2008*/

Relive 19th Century colonial Bangalore,Experience the natural wonderland of Lalbagh
Is this something u had always wanted to do?Would you like to know bangalore better? Wondering about Bangalore History--- Its Victorian sructures , forts n story behind? Trust me I tried finding this info online\thru local bangloreans but with hardly any success (I almost concluded tht Bangalore is just another artificial cosmo city). So where do I find this info?

http://www.bangalorewalks.com/ might be the answer. They organize heritage Walks,Fort Explorations, Victorian Bangalore Walks covering history and heritage, nature and environment, and culture and communities of Bangalore chaperoned by knowledgeble tourist guides. N what better time to do this than by foot on crisp Bangalore mornings(They do have late eve \all day programs too) accomapnied by friends, colleagues, spouse n children!!

Hindu has carried a review abt this site sometime back. You acn read this at http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/life/2006/10/27/stories/2006102700030100.htm

Guys, I just found this site an hour go n am all excited n rearing to go!! Incase I make it this weekend, will write a blog on my exp!!

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