A trip to Coorg

/*Posted on 26 Mar*/

This weekend saw me n my hubbs travelling to the Scotland of India, Coorg approx 250km from B'lore. We started at around 7:30 in morn almost 3 hours behind schedule.The route we took is B'lore--> Mandya--> Srirangapatnam-->Ilwal-->Hansoor n then to Virajpet. This way u end up saving atleast 40km n lots of traffic as u dont touch Mysore!

In Coorg we were camping at a popular homestay "Honey Valley" which is a small settlement in the lap of western ghats surrounded by spices, Coffee,honey estates ! Its a stone-throw away from 'Thadiyaanamol' - highest peak in western Ghats. Getting to this place is an exp in itself... we drove down to 'Kabani Kaad'- the nearest town . From there HoneyValley is just 3km away but the terrain is so rough that only a experienced jeep(at times travelling vertically) can take u there.....

Even before reaching honeyvalley we could feel a distinct flavour in air making you giddy---Might be the fresh air mixed with smell of coffee n spices! This place is a perfect example of staying in harmony with nature....Honeyvalley generates their own Hydro Electricity, grows enuf of veggies n fruits tht they are almost self sufficient!!
They have approx 10-15 cottages....varying from Tribal Huts to dorms n the standard double bed cottages! These cottages do not have any extravagant comforts....No Fancy decorations, No mutli-cuisine food(what u get is simple tasty home made coorgi food...but wait till u taste their honey / Pandi Curry;I was left licking my fingers) No room service, Forget AC they dont even hv a fan( Very soon u realize tht nature is the best Fan or AC u can ask for)!
Honeyvalley has this magic about that we decided to cancel all our plans to go 'sight seeing' (We fitted in most of them on the drive back to b'lore) and decide to go trekking. Honeyvalley is surrounded by beautiful trekking spots (all well documented)! The rain did play a spoilsport but well trekking in rain with leeches for company is an experience in itself! We could do only two of their treks(They have around 10-15)---'The Ride Walk' to forest n a trek to their own waterfall 'Chingara' (Imagine they have a Private Waterfall')! The treks take us thru brooks, ridges, streams, Jungle clearings n ofcourse greenery all around! But unfortuanetly the rains made us miss the trek to thadiyanamol...its a 6-9 hr trek n supposed to be the best trek in this part of the country!

HoneyValley is the home of Chengappa Family who supposedly were providing these services free of cost to tourists esp foreigners! Its only for last few years tht they have taken to commercializing it(thou the charges are still v nominal)! Chengappa family along with Jack(a foreigner who fell so hopelessly in love with this place that he has made it his home) and a handful of other people ensure that this place is run seamlessly.I am for sure going back to this place.
On the way back we did vist Bagamandala, Raja seat, Thala Cauvery n the golden temple, thr biggest Tibetian setllement in India @Bylakuppe. However they somehow fade off in comparision to HoneyValley. The difference in waether can be felt during the drive. Cold in Coorg and hot in the plains.

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