Women Bartenders!!

/* Originally posted on 12 dec*/

SC cheers Women bartenders but is the Indian society ready to accept them behind the bar? This seems to be the latest debate which is on. Below is my take on it...

Till date, how many women do u c in a bar unaccompnied by a male friend\relative\colleague(leaving out 'all lady nights')? Given this scenario wouldnt it raise eyebrows to see a lone lady bartending? Havent we heard of quite a crimes happening under influence of drinks....are women bartenders safe then? Dont we all remeber Jessica Lal incident

All the above have been the debates raised by diff sections of society. But well I would like to believe that today women are strong enuf to handle any situations....all these cons are just a part of job...well each job has its own cons n one just has to live with them!!No change has happened without a hue n cry being raised n this is no different!

Lets raise a toast to all our Lady bartenders...Hic Hic Hurray!!