Review---Mumbai Salsa

/* Originally posted on 30 oct */

Last weekend saw me n my hubbs at Innovative mutilpex for the night show of "Mumbai Salsa"(well even i hadnt heard much abt the movie but the review in TOI convinced us)

No popular starcast(but well i hv always thot that the off beat actors do a better HW), no out of life characterization or story(what u c is what u get), no great budget......... But a good movie packaged well: justice done by the actors, director, story writer.

The story is about 8 characters(4 heros, 4 heroines obviously), all well settled with good pay packs which is burnt up in parties, clubs. The other central character in the movie is the night club 'Mumbai Salsa' where these 8 characters meet and then the story revolves around how their life changes.

Well the movie doesnt hold any gr8 surprises but you empathise with the actors.....dumped by gf\bf, teenage pregnancy, unhappy jobs, balancing career n personal life(mercifully no perfect sati savitris or mean evil thinking villans here)

All in all a good paisa it when u hv nothing better to do on a weekend!!

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