Book Review How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got A Life

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Am sure the word "piracy" is the first word that comes to ur mind as soon as u hear the title! Well the incident was really unfortunate, but keeping alll those ethical issues aside, trust me the book makes a good light reading!

The book revolves around a nerd Opal Mehta whose only aim in life is to get into Harvard n everything she has done right from her childhood was with just tht sole objetive!!! N so she goes for Harward interview with near perfect score n well researched answers for any possible q.....but one q tht stumps her is "what do u do for fun"(now now having fun just didnt fit into her scheme of things)!! Her parents now come up with this crazy idea 'HOGWAL' to spice up her life (just to get her into Harvard) n this is the plot of the book!!

The characters n scenes are all well sketched.....Opal's struggles to fit into Peer group, teenage crushes, aakeovers, the way heads turn when u r no longer a plain jane n even a few serious issues like parents struggles to give their child the best, student politics!!

N the moral, "Love urself for what u r n u wld never be happy if u do things which u dont enjoy but end up doing them just to appear 'cool' is nicely driven home with no bhaari sermons being shoven down ur neck!

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