'Jumper' Movie Review

/*Originally postes on 28 Feb*/

Catching a late night movie on a week-day(U atleast hv something to look fwd to at EOD...makes our day atleast partly bearable; of course on flip side be ready for a'sleep-hangover' the next day)!

Anyways this tuesday I n my hubbs dearest happened to watch Jumper at Fun Cinemas(the first I been to this theater n it seemed pretty good)! Well I am no english movie freak n had gone along for my hubbs sake but i dont really regret my decision!

The movie is abt a guy who realizes he is a 'Jumper' (somebody who can teleport) and how life changes for him! In the begining he has it all easy with teleporting to bank lockers(to steal money ofcourse) n then to all exotic locations in world(the ones shot atop pyramids in Egypt, Monuments in Rome are my fav n worth watching the movie for)! But ofcourse all good things come to an end and our jumper lands into trouble in hands of a group called 'Paladrin'. 'Paladrin' is a group of religious psychos who are after eliminating all these jumpers and the movie revolves around how he saves himself(n his GF) from their hands!

All in all the movie is a "jump" in visual treat as u get to see few exotic locations n gr8 stunts!

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