The paradox of life...any solutions?

How many times havent we heard people complaining about "Mechanical Life" and musing about idylic life way back at home.

I am bought up in hyd("mechanical life") but basically hail from a temple town in kerala("idylic life")........lemme just try comparing these two

Life in hyd typically starts with a shrill alarm waking u up from ur luxurious sleep n then its one mad rush to dress up n reach office(home made food is a long forgotten luxury) after putting up with traffic jams, dust, sound n pollution!! life in office is abuzz with mails, conf calls, escalations, documentation, soltaire n ofcourse communicator(even to talk to person sitting next to u). Then u reach home dead tired( irrespective of whether u work or not, who wouldnt be after sitting for 9 hrs before the comp n battling all traffic woes) n after a quick dinner(at hotel\mess, cafeteria or maggi in worst cases) u cant think of anything but hit the bed as u gotta start the same grind all over again tomo!!!! n then comes the much looked forward to weekends....but what do most of us end up doing?? Laundry, catching up on sleep n catching up with some family in effect in a week u dont spend more than 10 hrs with ur dear n near ones (isnt tht a real sad statistc!!)

Compare this with an idylic life in a small town...most of them here are house wives or work in regular 9-5 shifts n traffic jams are unheard of......Mornings are spent leisurely with morn tea, catching up on news paper, a heartilly home made breakfast with family n then to office where work pressure is an occasional welcome!! U r back at home by 6 or 7, n hv enuf of time to catch up with ur family\neighbours b4 retiring to bed after a prince(ss)ly dinner!!! Ofcourse all the luxuries of modern life would be missing here but the quality of life abound with greenery, temples, time more than makes up for it!

Now, doesnt the latter option seems more appealing...but given a chance how many of us would opt for it? Well a fortnight vacation in these idylic locations is something we might look fwd to.....but anything more than it would start suffocating us!! N dont we all enjoy the economic independence n all the perks tht it comes with(eating out, weekends in malls, vacations).

Isnt this situation a real paradox!! Any solutions??

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  1. U mentioned in blog tht chating with collegues who are next u rite???

    I dont know it will happen but when Ur sister(mannu) joined in my project its hapepning daily