The Magic Of "Wait"

/*originally posted on 18 dec 2007*/

Have u ever been in a situation where in each waking moment u r daydreaming abt some yet-to-happen event say your b'day, meeting up friends. You have these events chalked out minute by minute n u look fwd to it with great excitement. But when the D-Day comes, these events do not appear so much 'Larger Than Life' n u start looking fwd to the next big event.

Sounds familiar...This I call is the 'Magic of wait'. But are we losing the fun of daily living by getting lost in these dreams of Big day. Might be yes...but dont u think half the fun is in building up the dreamsz. How boring would it be if you give ur spl day only as much of extra attention as any other mundane day!! Dont we all remember how as kids we are excited abt our b'days even thou it might be months away....Agreed we cant lead a child's care-free life now...but lets try n indulge ourselves with 'Magic of Wait' occasionally n c what diff it can make!

Do lemme know ur thots on this.

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