Reading Challenge!

This year I signed up for two reading challenge - One on good books and other on S.Krishna's books. The former to read 50 books this year n the latter to read 20 books based on south Asian Literature. Today after reading books from different genre, I realize that my fav is the south Asian literature.

While I started off reading full steam, somewhere the pace is slowed down. Now I know its about enjoying the books  read n not meeting some random target. But the point is, the more I enjoy the books, the faster I devore them. Anyways here is a snapshot of what  have read till date this year

Out of the mere 12 odd books, not surprisingly more than half are South Asian literature! My top 3 picks from this list are : Alchemist(No surprises that one), Toto Chan(A must read for all teacher n parents), Ancient Promises(I wonder how a non keralite will find the book thou).

Am currently reading Forty Rules Of Love by Elif Shafak.

I should also thank my lit sis here as she sources half these books from her office lib :).

Go on recommend any book that you think I will love reading. Any recos that I truly love will be duly rewarded :).

Linking this to A2Z Challenge - R is for Reading Challenge.


  1. U hv done a grt Job
    I read few among what u shared - White tiger and Charlie and choc factory r favs, Nicholas sparks depends on mood. Its been long since I read Rigorously
    I guess i badly need these challenges :(
    Good lck

  2. I absolutely loved Forty rules of love. All the best to you with your challenges.

  3. I have signed up for 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads too. Have done 15/50 so far!
    Have you read Anuja Chauhan's books... 3 books she has written and all are hilarious!
    And how about Jeffery Archer's Cliffton Chronicles!

  4. LOvely books you have out there :)

  5. Haven't read Ancient Promises yet. Next visit to the library, I'll try to grab the book :)
    Do keep posting about the books you read :)

  6. I loved the Alchemist. Paulo Coelho's books are awesome. I also enjoyed Brida.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I need to get back to reading !

  8. Would love to read the books you have there.

  9. Nice job! The White Tiger was bakwaas. Haven't read the others

  10. Wow !

    I wish I could read 5 books a year even that would be an achievement !

  11. I've got Forty Rules waiting to be read too. Too many books, too little time! ;)