April is here....

... N with it brings along a promise of lot of happy times ~~ From the prospect of a short break to the new year (in kerala calendar) to my upcoming B'day (tht deserves a post in itself) to meeting my lit niece! It indeed promises to turn my frown upside down ...... About time I say :) So here's to a "A New Dawn ......

Pic courtesy Hubbs!

With this I kick start the A to Z challenge(A is for April). I signed up for this after a lot of debate ~~ But maybe this is the impetus that I need right now!


  1. April sure looks promising! Good to see you in the A to Z Challenge, Meena :)

  2. A is for April and the A to Z Challenge. Let's hope we all make it to the end. :)

    Good Luck!
    If you have a chance, I'm at:
    Karen's Shenanigans

    1. Amen to all of us making it to the end :)

  3. A beautiful picture, Meena. Wishing you luck in the month ahead.